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Graphic Design Services

Stage One- Communucation & Design Direction

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Step One- Customer Discussion

We discuss with you by asking questions what you would like in your job. First we find out what type of package Design you want
a jewel case design, DVD cover, Disc, etc..Then we delve into specifics if you know exactly what you want. Or we can go with a
general direction i.e "is this a music cd vs a corporate training video". Our designer will then focus on creating an appropriate style
to fit the requirements. This part of the process is imperative in creating the desired and final result you want.

Step Two- Gather and Receive Source Materials

Send us everything that you have. All pictures, color choices, text, comments and notes and any source material that gave you
any inspirations. Once we receive them we will review them making sure everything is in order and that everything was recieved.



Stage Two- Design

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Step Three- File Preperation & Design

From all the material you sent and we begin to prep the files. Converting images from RGB to CMYK resizing cropping and doing any additional editing requested. Text files are run through spellcheck and placement begins.Text and image placement begins. During all
of this the Designer is keeping in mind the direction you have specified so that the best artwork for your project is created.

Step Four- Customer Feedback

Once the artwork is created we send a jpg proof to the customer to review by email. This is the customers chance to make changes
to the text photos placement, design color etc. In this part of the process depending upon the changes requested , the changes can
take 1 hr to 24hrs to implement. A new email proof will then be sent to the customer to review and approve.



Stage Three- Printing and Delivery

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Step Five- Printing

Once the artwork is approved it will be sent out for printing. We will then receive a printing proff from the print manufacturers.
Review them carefully, because this is your final chance to make sure everything is how you want it. Once you approve
the printing proof we will give the manufacturers the go ahead to start your job.

Step Six- Your Package is Finished and Delivered

The final product will be packaged and delivered to you.

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