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Additional Design Services

When we receive your supplied digital files we will open all of the files and prepare them for printing. We’ll take care of things such as re-sizing, cropping, basic photo optimization, and converting from RGB color mode to CMYK . If you need advanced image retouching to see the Additional Design Services provided below.

Photograph Manipulation

For all designs we offer the placement of up to 2 unedited photographs per panel placed for free. So if you order a 4 panel booklet we will place up to 8 unedited photographs for free. We offer various services to enhance your photographs.


Photo Retouching and Optimizing

We can imporove your photos by making slight additions to slight alterations. In the retoucing process we will also optimize your photogarphs to look the best they possibly can. This can involve fixing minor blemishes, fixing any erros you see in the photo, to repairing ripped and scratched photos. Prices range between $50-$100 due to the amount of work involved.






If your picture was taken in within a group of people or in front of an undesired background and you would like to have a different background behind you then we can precisely cut you out and place you in front of a background of our choosing or of yours.
Between $ 90 and 120 depending upon the amount of time neede to complete the task.



The technique of making a picture by assembling pieces of photographs, often in combination with other types of graphic material. If you have single shot pictures but would like to create a group photo effect then we will cut your sihouttes out of he original picture and arrange them together. This process is benefited by source photos taken at similar angles and lighting to produce the desired results. The price range can vary greatly depend upon the amount of work required. At the time of the job a custom price will be quoted to you.

Typesetting and Proofreading

When sending us text please send a word or a txt file. When opened we will run spellcheck only. If you supplied handwritten copies that consist over 100 words,
we will typeset your job and proofread it for an additional fee, see.



If you supplied handwritten copies that consist over 100 words, we will typeset your job and proofread it for $ 35..... Typsetting below 100 words is free. If you provide text in a word file we will only run spell check we will not correct your grammar or fill in missing words. Digital files are recommended as it speeds up the entire process.

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